This is Who We Are

WEBDOGS was founded by two young enterprise escapees. Trained in the ranks of the hi-tech corporate world, we approach any project from a Y3K perspective: thinking about your goals and needs beyond tomorrow and into the next millennium.


“We are outnumbered by dull, outdated, synthetic websites and more are being built every day. If you are reading this, you are the resistance. We are the answer”

David Savage - Chief Executive Dog

David Savage - Chief Executive Dog

Armed with a brain like a neural net processor, a passion for technology, and a stylish hat, David is on a sworn mission to save our world from boring, dull, and substandard websites. He leaves behind a trail of elegant business solutions, happy clients, and successful projects wherever the path takes him.

Sergey Leongardt - Chief Technology Dog

Sergey Leongardt - Chief Technology Dog

Born in the year 3000, Sergey was raised on a strict diet of next generation dynamic web languages; his first words were in HTML5. Part man, part machine, he was sent back in time as a last hope by humankind to solve the problems of non-functional websites before it is too late. He uses his advanced knowledge to build a better online experience for all humans.

Bill Callahan - Web Producer

A veteran of Silicon Valley, Bill has been successfully launching Y2K compliant web applications since 1999. At WEBDOGS he connects the dots between our artists, developers, and clients; he is a people person, dammit! Bill is responsible for taking projects from contract to completion, sometimes works on Saturdays, and would never say he “misses work”.

Carlos Goulart - Chief Art Dog

Carlos Goulart - Design Master

Originally a Jedi artist from the Old Guard, the Creative Force is strong with Carlos.  He has pushed his mastery of pencil and brush into the digital world and now leads the Art Council at WEBDOGS. He blends traditional marketing and design principles with modern techniques to make pixel perfect designs.

Jacob Canote - Agent Codesmith

Jacob began as an AI program designed to keep order within the Matrix by seeking out and terminating code anomalies. He comes with his own suite of JavaScript libraries and can flawlessly dodge CSS bullets. As a Codesmith, he punches through the most difficult website development problems with his bare hands. Goodbye, Mr. Anderson.

Robin Dillard

Robin Dillard - Code Goddess

Hailing from her homeworld of Q Continuum, Robin has joined the WEBDOGS team as an elite developer. Coming from a different planet, she understands the need for websites to work on phones and tablets and computers of all shapes and sizes. Her skills span the Internet Universe and she is recognized throughout our Galaxy as an expert in responsive eCommerce website development.

Justin Gray Morgan

Justin Morgan - Pixel Alchemist

Alchemy is the medieval forerunner of modern web design, based on the transmutation of base metal pixels into visual gold through science and design. As a practitioner of this ancient magic, Justin uses an elixer of web fonts and vector designs to achieve graphic design perfection.

Damian Ruiz - WordPress Buccaneer

When Damian is not rescuing websites in distress, our swashbuckling hero can be found sharpening his JavaScript cutlass and searching for Best Practice treasures. Harnessing the power of PHP and HTML, Damian builds WordPress Galleons that transport data gold to the far corners of the internet (and beyond!).

Sarah Duryea - Full Stack Viking

With the fury of a thousand code warriors, Sarah engages any WordPress development in her path. Her responsive double-bladed axe cuts through front-end design, and her best practice security keeps the back-end of websites and Viking ring fortresses safe.

Kevin Wallner - Data Mountaineer

A natural born explorer, nothing gets Kevin’s adrenaline going more than a mountain of marketing data. Armed with analytics, split tests, and a backpack full of business experience, he’s constantly uncovering insights and mapping out strategies for growth.

Steve Lloyd - Web Surgeon

The body of a WordPress website is made up of many different organs: plugins, templates, content, and other delicate parts. With the skilled hands of a website surgeon, Steve slices clean code and delivers healthy websites. Paging Dr. WordPress…