The WEBDOGS Hosting Stack is a created via layers of server architecture, WordPress specific performance and security optimizations, and over a decade of process refinement. The foundation of the WEBDOGS Hosting Stack is a Premium Cloud Server at WP Engine, a dedicated environment that combines the relative freedom of a VPS with the powerful optimizations of the WP Engine platform. Scroll down to learn more about each layer and how it delivers on the WEBDOGS promise of secure, performant WordPress websites.

24/7 Phone, Live Chat, and Email support with priority ticket escalation

All partners on the WEBDOGS Premium Cloud Server at WP Engine receive 24/7 Phone, Chat, and Email support with priority escalation to at minimum an L2 technical contact.

Automated WordPress core and plugin updates including visual regression testing

Updates are critical for security, performance, and getting new features, but they’re also time consuming. Through a proprietary automated update system, with visual regression testing baked in, WEBDOGS minimizes the time required by humans to perform mission critical updates.

For business critical sites, WordPress core and plugin updates are handled by WEBDOGS development team and issues resolved in the event of errors or visual design regression.

Uptime Monitoring

WEBDOGS monitors sites with, a monitoring service with ~25 global dedicated monitoring locations that check the server status every minute. This service provides an uptime landing page, so your team can review any outages or simply confirm that the site has been up and running.

SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt included, 3rd party SSL supported

Aside from a key factor in search engine optimization, SSL helps make the web a safer place. It’s also been shown in repeated studies that the “padlock” in browser address bar will increase conversions, particularly for e-commerce.

Production, Staging, and Development environments

Multiple environments empower collaboration by providing stable environments for content creators, transitional platforms for reviews and approval, and expendable environments for development initiatives.

Automated backups held for 40 days

Automated backups, which include the entire file system and database, are created at the beginning of each day, held for up to 40 days, and restorable in just 2 clicks.

Content Delivery Network (CDN), PHP 7.4+

We know speed matters for all of our partners and we ensure no optimization is missed. CDNs speed up a site by making static content geographically closer to users thereby minimizing network latency. PHP 7.4+ decreases PHP execution time by ~20%.

Automated image optimization with TinyPNG Premium

We all love beautiful imagery, but if those images are making the site slow they can really hurt conversions and cause the bounce rate to explode. By offering premium image optimization through TinyPNG, WEBDOGS does our part to ensure your users are getting those amazing images in the most efficient manner possible.

DNS management with Cloudflare

Cloudflare is an optional layer of the WEBDOGS stack and provides a number of tools to help with the management of websites, including DNS hosting, DDOS mitigation, and web application firewall. Combined, those features help make websites faster and more secure.