How to take a screenshot in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge

When collaborating with the WEBDOGS team, helping us “see what you see” is a critical component of sharing feedback. We’ve compiled a list of the most straightforward methods of taking screenshots based on browser and operating systems, further separated by application window or full page. An “Application Window” screenshot is what the browser actually shows […]

How to clear your browser cache

The WEBDOGS Platform Stack implements enterprise caching to make our partners’ websites blazing fast. Caching makes browsers fast by storing static files on your computer, eliminating the need to download new files with every pageload. However, locally stored files can get out of sync, specifically in times of active development. The most common files to […]

Upgrade WordPress Search with Elasticsearch

There’s a lot of buzz in the WordPress community about Elasticsearch and for good reason: Elasticsearch significantly upgrades basic WordPress search. There are a ton of options out there with respect to integrating Elasticsearch: as simple as “turning it on” in Jetpack and as complex as enterprise WordPress implementations, similar to what WEBDOGS has done […]

A Philosophical Appeal to Globally Embrace GDPR

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is coming on May 26th, 2018 and most companies, particularly in the United States, are in a rush to get their website into compliance. The high-level view of GDPR is that it is major European Union legislation that puts the power of personal data ownership back into the hands of […]

How to Export an SVG for web using Adobe Illustrator

SVGs are the future. Get vectorized! Small size. Process of exporting SVG hYAh. Step 1. Open the source vector file in Adobe Illustrator .ai, .eps, and .pdf are all valid file formats for vector source files. Step 2. File > Document Setup Click on Edit Artboards Specify the W and H dimensions of the artboard […]

Export WordPress Posts to Custom Post Type

Introduction Different types of content should be organized, whether that be by taxonomies, custom post types, or both. Older websites tend to use the standard “Post” post type for all their content types and differentiate between them using categories — This is not an effective strategy in terms of ease-of-use, semantics, or scalability. Assuming a […]

How to add Social Icons to WooCommerce Order Emails

Introduction Take advantage of every opportunity to increase customer engagement by including social media links on your WooCommerce order notification emails. Adding links to the footer of WooCommerce emails is as easy as editing a template. There are only a few steps, which we will go into detail about next. Make a copy of the […]


The Tao of WEBDOGS is constantly evolving. Website development and the web is constantly evolving. We are evolving. Tao is a Chinese word meaning way, or path. The Tao of WEBDOGS was developed as a path for our evolution. We have spent hours discussing these concepts and will spend a lifetime trying to achieve them: Be exceptional (deliver […]