David Savage – Chief Executive Dog, WEBDOGS

David Savage

Chief Executive Dog

Armed with a brain like a neural net processor, a passion for technology, and a stylish hat, David is on a sworn mission to save our world from boring, dull, and substandard websites. He leaves behind a trail of elegant business solutions, happy clients, and successful projects wherever the battle takes him. If you are listening to this message, you are the Resistance.

Sergey Leongardt – Chief Technology Dog, WEBDOGS

Sergey Leongardt

Chief Technology Dog

Born in the year 3000, Sergey was raised on a strict diet of next generation dynamic web languages; his first words were in HTML5. Part man, part machine, he was sent back in time as a last hope by humankind to solve the problems of non-functional websites before it is too late. He uses his advanced knowledge to build a better online experience for all humans.

Kyle Reicks – Lead Development Dog, WEBDOGS

Kyle Reicks

Lead Development Dog

The pack’s own Warden of the North, Kyle keeps rebellious code under control and defends against bugs from beyond the Wall. Like all good wardens, he fights for accessible markup and never forgets that his first duty is to the people.

Jacob Canote – Agent Codesmith, WEBDOGS

Jacob Canote

Agent Codesmith

Jacob began as an AI program designed to keep order within the Matrix by seeking out and terminating code anomalies. He comes with his own suite of JavaScript libraries and can flawlessly dodge CSS bullets. As a Codesmith, he punches through the most difficult website development problems with his bare hands. “Goodbye, Mr. Anderson.”

Mike Grotton – WordPress Wizard, WEBDOGS

Mike Grotton

WordPress Wizard

Hailing from the kingdom of Best Practice, Mike wields his staff of WordPress Development to slay bugs and drive fear into the heart of inefficient code. No open task is safe from his problem solving spells. Like a true Wizard of WordPress, he has looked into the Eye of Automattic and seen the codebase [and lives to tell the tale].

Stacy Silva – Technical Account Manager, WEBDOGS

Stacy Silva

Technical Account Manager

Stacy is a seasoned Technical Account Manager with over a decade of web agency expertise. Formerly a professionally trained chef, she brings a mastery of process and quality to the WEBDOGS kitchen. Stacy cooks up forward thinking WordPress solutions served with Michelin Star level website support.


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