The Tao of WEBDOGS is constantly evolving.
Website development and the web is constantly evolving.
We are evolving.

Tao is a Chinese word meaning way, or path. The Tao of WEBDOGS was developed as a path for our evolution. We have spent hours discussing these concepts and will spend a lifetime trying to achieve them:

  1. Be exceptional (deliver above and beyond)
  2. Be passionate (care about your work and your world)
  3. Ask the right questions (be proactive and never assume)
  4. Answer the right questions (listen for the real meaning)
  5. Learn constantly (and learn from mistakes)
  6. Make use of tools (it has been done before)
  7. Let go of your ego (focus on the solution)
  8. Positive words are great! (be aware of communication)

We share these internal principles to hopefully spark conversations and shed light on WEBDOGS’ corporate culture.